6 habits grow your Belly Fat

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Belly fat remains a consistent health and social problem that most of people experience daily. Belly Fat mainly leads to two negative situations. People with belly fat less self-confident than normal people. They might feel shy conversing at a conference or a meeting. Not only having bad social experience but also Belly Fat maintain the ability of getting diseases. Scientists have shown the reasons behind belly Fat though following a diet or training at gyms and sportive activities.

One of these reasons:


  1. Noise and congestion:


Regular exposure to the noise caused by traffic congestion raises the obesity rate about 29%, according to a medical study. Another study showed that noise may raise cholesterol and hormones that increase obesity.as long as humans are avoiding exposure to noise they are going to feel relief.


  1. Soda:


Whatever the proportion of carbonated beverages taken by person, Soda contribute to raising the prospect of an increase in the size of the Belly fat, as it contains artificial sweeteners, which prevents the brain from recognizing proportion of obesity, thus human are not aware of the problem when they are eating more sugars.


  1. The functions « mindset », idleness of people:


A study found that people who exercise their business permanently, and occupy their mind busy thinking regularly about a certain topics are less likely to obesity than those who have less mental activities.


  1. Calcium deficiency:


75% of women do not care about eating enough proportion of calcium per day. So it is advisable to eat daily vegetables and fruits that are rich of calcium. Calcium helps to reduce the appearance of Belly fat. « A study showed that people, who drink milk three times a day for 12 weeks, dropped weight with the size of two pounds more than those who drink less milk.


  1. Vehicle used in way work:


Study have shown that people who take long distance before getting to their job drop weight especially people who are working in desk jobs. However, you don’t have to change the vehicle you use to go work you  can rely on activities such as parking away from the workplace and then walk around the Office or jogging, or joining a gym.


  1. Sleep:


Recent German study found that sleep quality of sleep influences the obesity. People who don’t sleep well may be prone to accumulating fat. Even though they had spent in sleep longer hours, but interrupted by moments of sudden waking up. The time spending in sleeping is not the importance rather than feeling comfortable during sleep.



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