AdBlock life ended, Google saves websites’ future

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Plugins and programs that prevent the appearance of advertisement AdSense and banner have gained popularity among internet users while websites owners and content publishers have expressed enormous anger taking in consideration that these advertisements remain main source to have rewards. For this reason, it seems that GOOGLE interested in this issue and will involve soon on the line to maintain this service.

Reports of new press has shown that GOOGLE works seriously to integrate an addition to the Plugin of blocking adsense will closely resemble the famous PLUGIN “ AdBlock Plus”. However, Plugin is going to work differently unlike previous plugin while AdBlock hides all AdSense on the web except those companies which are inserted on white list and pay to developer of Plugin. These conditions are completely unfair to honest adsense companies that broadcast un-annoying adsense. About 40 percent of internet users have Adblock plugin which means rewards of website owners reduce about 40%.

According to a French press, GOOGLE interested in developing new plugin to suit and satisfy all sides of content makers. The purpose differs to that of Ad Block entirely philosophy in which Google adopt new perception of hiding annoying AdSense. A deal will be signed with big Europeans companies to accomplish the following objective. This decisions suits happily content makers as long as they will be consistent winning through advertising and gaining returns.

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