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A lot of people ask frequent question about stock trading. This domain is absolute sector which huge number of internet users involves daily hoping they would get appealing future which contains brilliant dream happy wife happy life nice.  Strategies differ completely trader to another. In fact, each of them discovers his own path to achieve the goal, the money at the end. Most of beginners stay lost along the way to commence the first step on stock trading and currencies. After all, they found no satisfying answer after surfing on the net.

Frequent aked questions  FAQ:

  1. What is stock trading?
  2. How much money I need to start stock trading?
  3. How much money to start with?
  4. In which trade I should start?
  5. How much money I should invest to earn 100 dollar in week?

After wondering on the internet between some videos, books and articles, the only idea I need to state that stock trading need more patience. Simply put stock trading is about buying one stock per certain price and then you will sell it when its price promote. Concept of stock trading is definitely easy to apply. Still, one important idea must not be forgotten, patience and timing. So the timing is very significant in the process. You should follow the company in which you have bought the stock. The time when it release new product, the prices of its stock maintain. In this way you are going to buy with high price and get benefits along with. Be sure of keeping an eye on each point idea notification on the stock trading company, eToro. These websites provided you with tools that serve the purpose such chart, graphic and news. And for sure, you have to find other tools in order to make more eligible to earn money.

Next point is how much money you should start with. Yet, before that you need to save money. After having fine amount of money, Get involved in stock trading. One important tip is << stay small>>. No matter what you got on your wallet start with small money. As long as you are beginner, starting with little money, for instance, 10 dollars won’t hurt you if you lose. At least you have made some experience instead of losing 100 dollars in what shoot.

Within Stock trading, you may relatively have returns in close time than currencies. However, two tips now, <<stay small, stay focused>>.

How to earn 100 dollars, some would say I will invest about 100 dollars to make 100 dollars. They do forget this rate represents 100% of earning which is entirely impossible from the first try. If you invest 200 dollars the rate increases clearly to 50% in order to earn 100. What about if you invest 1000 dollars the rate to earn 100 will be 10% which is logic and realistic you could achieve from one try. In this way as much as you invest more the rate to earn more money promotes. Still, <<stay small, stay focused>>.

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