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Most of cell phone brands use android. Android has biggest store of applications. In other word, people around the globe prefer to use such simple platform to get into desired APK rather than using IOS which more complicated and need higher technology knowledge to deal with.  So people love to play games on wide screen rather than phone screens which are relatively small and do not fulfill the appealed need. I have experienced many Emulators to run WHATSAPP on my personal computer. As long as I do not have wireless at home only LAN cable. However, I have bad results since most of these emulators require high speed performance of computer. I personally have such problem because my computer has limited quality. I have done a research on the internet and these are the results.

I have come across frequently with famous emulators called BLUESTACK. It is very know and allow you to obtain all apps on play store.  Exactly provide high exposition of apps. You might download last games that you love. Mainly if you playing soccer league on your phone and obsess with, yet, you need more width to play free. BLUESTACK will be your efficient emulator to get into it. NB: make sure that your computer must have at least 2GB on Ram and enough space in hard drive unless it will get stuck again and again.

Now we come to those who have computer with low speed and space. Don’t worry there are people out there think about you. These two emulators are good enough to experience the power of your computer wide screen while playing your favorites games or chatting with friends without being obliged to look up on two devices, phone and computer, one is deadly enough. Go to google, type KOPLAYER then click on the first link and download your emulator freely.  Ops! Hold click to download HERE. You may also check this one either, I have just downloaded it. The second emulator called NOX APP PLAYER. Download HERE . It also runs on low speed and space computer.

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