FC Barcelona get back again.

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Gerard pique has claimed after the game.

Pique: « We dedicate the win to Manel Vich, who passed away. Big hug to his family. »

Pique: « We can’t expect both other teams to drop points, so we know we have to win the remaining games. »

Pique: « Real Betis normally water their field but I’m curious as to why they didn’t water it today. »

Pique: « We were not at our best in the first 25 minutes but improved gradually and got rewarded with the win. »

Pique: « We must win our remaining games, we depend on ourselves and can’t wait for our rivals to drop points. »

Pique: « We’re not used to playing only once a week, but we must be positive, at least we can relax more. »

Rakitic first goal scorer stated,

Rakitc: « Wasn’t easy, tough ground, hot. It’s always difficult to play here, no team has an easy game here. Three points, perfect. »

Pique’s mates ended the game wining 3/3 last ones. Scorers were Rakitic and Suarez. The game has seen raining chances especially those of Barcelona. Messi has given two assists noticeably that the desire of scoring faded to be more caring about assisting his mates to have better chance in front of the rival net.

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