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How to start online marketing? Thousands of website owners build website with no stop number of posts, however they get shocked when they do not get traffic. Here is one of website owner regret the whole work for nothing just hopeless end of seeking unknown goal.



Traffic is the only thing between ME and at least a million dollars a day with this site. I have tens of these little revolutionary, « guaranteed to blow up if I get traffic », billion dollar ideas and I am trying to make enough money to save the world. I want to end poverty for good and help the world with anything it needs financially.


All of us do not want to end up like this. Online marketing includes many aspects of how website owners get traffic such search engine optimization SEO and  paid traffic on social media such FACEBOOK Twitter GOOGLE plus and GOOGLE ADWORD yahoo. All these tools are very effective to reach high amount of traffic.


Email marketing may be considered most effective method to reach targeted people who care about specific topic. Internet is full of stories of success due to Email marketing. In fact that email marketing can serve any field you may apply a list to get touch with your interested customers.

Restaurant email marketing

Owner of the restaurant try each time to get information about his customers. Day after day, he reaches unbelievable numbers of email. Then he did not send message containing come to my restaurant again. Nope, this is an old version. He share everyday information about health with his customers’ list “Do not consume much of sugar and salt, they enhance the chance of getting concert. We offer a 100% natural food. In this way, he becomes trust worthy person and place. Restaurant turn into crowded with limitless of customers.

You are about to create your own future. They say “Money in the list”. As much as you get interested people in your product you get close to your wealth.

There are many brands that provide this service, paid and free. MAILCHIMP is helpful forever free tool in order to build up your list. MAILCHIMP is available up to 2000 subscribers for free after you will need to pay. Mailchimp is very significant to start with so as to get experience. After, you may handle freely when you gain fine income. Mailchimp is an easy platform to use. many theme are offered freely to use into your campaigns, create your subscribe and send letters. Read this articles about Common mistakes of beginners Affiliate marketing

For email marketing, you will have to build up landing page. At this point MAILCHIMP can aid you to create a landing page or squeeze page. In addition, WORDPRESS script obtains plugins to simplify this work even better until you turn into experienced person.

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