How to eat an elephant…eat bit by bit

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‘’Successful people are persistent ones ’’

During last year of BA graduation, students are asked to conduct a monograph. This called Research academic which can be defined as field of testing new theories, stats and facts. Yet, regularly students come across frequent problems but still these problems have obvious systematic solutions.

One major problem faces students how to choose the topic name. The fact students often pick wide topics sacked down the strength of dealing with upcoming tasks. Lack of reading habits – American students – increases the issue to a central puzzle especially in the case when the student is ignorant of narrowing techniques.

On other hand, time management takes place in process of drafting monograph. Students live a chaos concerning the time table, how longer each part should take. Besides, what section ought to be first to draft- introduction, development, and conclusion.

Again, the development raises the question of subtitles. Student during drafting development feel blocked because they couldn’t find more ideas to insert in. This is related to sources they depend on or, sometimes, the absence of the sufficient literature.

It is widely known that conclusion as the part where student should summarize his ideas whereas conclusion is considered most important part in the academic research not just to state in a list stitch of each idea above in the development.  Conclusion reflects the answer of the main question in the monograph.

Not only it is a matter reciting ideas once again in papers but the essence of research academic makes clear cut concerning the objective. Does the topic brought about new information to the reader. This issue engenders hundreds of monograph listed in Moulay Ismail campus are about research already linked to MA or PhD students, copy and paste.

Charles Lipson in his book how to write a BA thesis has stated the whole process to obtain a perfect monograph. He stated that Research academic is a systematic task which includes reading literature, choosing topic, writing first draft to the final draft then conclusion and introduction.

As the first step, students need to read enough books, magazine, journals and articles on the internet related to their interesting fields. After a sufficient literature, they could build an idea about the topic they wish work on. Still, deciding topic should fit the level of BA STUDENT. If not, to narrow the topic use techniques such as adding location and time.

Look to this topic title; it is wide

‘’Begging, a need or a work’’

And now

‘’Begging in countryside of United States of twenty one century, a need or a work’’.

Concerning Time schedule, normally if students are conducting monograph in a semester, development must take time up to two months then conclusion and introduction a single month. But still, reading literature should be present in student mind before and during the writing of the monograph.

To widen thoughts about the topic, reading books articles and magazines with respecting the rules reflect a huge flexibility to insert more ideas, interesting ideas, as subtitles in order to discuss the topic in each possible perception.

NOT ONLY having ideas but also to check whether the chosen topic is valuable to scientific society or just making another copy of theories and previous results. Researcher must not think the reader is stupid. Readers are active people will notice each repetition student made. Readers shouldn’t be deceived.

Last but not least, these points remain central frequent issues lived between students in American context.

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