I descovered myself

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I have come to know through my own process that indeed we are given freedom of choice in how we respond to Kundalini Grace within us

So yes of course we can choose to kick and scream and become as irritated as we like with what the Shakti kundalini is doing with us –

So for example when the Kundalini is working upon our endrocine system – when the kidneys and adrenals are being expanded and infused – when the natural discomfort and pain is that area of the body is being experienced – it is best to choose surrender – to not resist in any way this Divine work being graced within us –

when we surrender to the Kundalini everything changes as we experience the concequences of our choice towards Grace

If our choice is to pour a cup of caffine after we eat our watermelon then we also experience the consequences of that choice

Transformation is not easy however it is our own choices that make it harder than it needs to be ❣

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