Language Attitude in Morocco: Linguistic Diversity and Debate

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Morocco has noticed various cultural currents through history. The two most remarkable influence periods are the Arab-Muslim invasion and the French protectorate. This research project explores the linguistic diversity that the country lives and raises the present debate among the different ideologies in Morocco. The aim of the paper concluded in this statement either the linguistic diversity in Morocco emerges linguistic debate at the level of the policies which results social, education, economical issues, or Morocco celebrates these sociolinguistic forms such Multilingualism, Code-Switching and Diglossia.
This study draws on the linguistic diversity which is enhanced by the strategic geography of the country. It consists of diverse races that settled in such as Amazighs, Arabs, Romans, Andalusians and Africans. This diversity emerges domination of certain linguistic code over the others. The numerous sayings have overpassed itself in the facet of linguistic debate in Morocco.

Through the sections of the paper I sketched the three remarkable codes that dominate the life of Moroccans from different aspects. I talked about Tamazight considered the code of the natives. Then I will mention the language of Islam embodied in Arabic. After I discussed the French protectorate and the mode of education established that time.
In the second section, I draw on the theory side of sociolinguistic study concerning Morocco in order to read linguistic landscape to analysis Bilingualism, Multilingualism, Code-switching and Diglossia. Besides, I gave examples of Moroccan speech community which reflect these sociolinguistic forms.

The third section represents the core of the study in which I discuss the viewpoints of linguists through their books. In addition, I will uncover the statements of some political and civil titles concerning the debate that overlap the Moroccan scenes.
Not only I discussed it from the literature review perspective, but also I conducted the questionnaire instrument. The variables are ethnicity, gender, location, native language. I distributed the questionnaire over one hundred participants living in urban sphere, Meknes. They were selected in this way; seventy five from the Moulay Ismail Campus and the twenty five others were from school of High Education of Commerce and Informatics. The age of the participants is about eighteen and twenty four years. I developed the questionnaire on a paper using close questions. I write the questions in Arabic to facilitate to process of interaction with participants then I translate it.
The relevance of this study embodied in observation sociolinguistic views about the Moroccan diversity in order to explain the linguistic in the various aspects comparing statements, articles, and movements ideologies, providing new insights, perspectives as a little contribution to the sociolinguistics field. Besides, the aim is to investigate the contemporary linguistic situation of the country.

The limits of study in which I could not achieve large investigation of the debate made of research lack fully credibility concerning the questionnaire which is conducted in research over hundred participants that are not sufficient to obtain absolute reliable results. In addition, the time available to investigate the issue is limited. Besides, lots of subjects in one semester which confuses the process of banking up knowledge.

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