Learn Passive voice

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active voice; av

passive voice: pv

AV: I do homework

PV: homework is done by me

AV: she sent a picture

PV: picture was sent 

AV: they have closed the library

PV: library has been closed


as soon as we ear of passive voice, we should understand that the speaker want to insist on the object rather than starting with subject in normal case. so passive voice tend to exhibit the importance of the object.

we are going to see how to use passive voice in three tenses


we take object and put it the beginning of the sentence and conjugate verb to be in the tense of the verb in ACTIVE VOICE.

present simple:

object. is/are/am . past participle

past simple :

object. was/were . past participle

present perfect:

object. has/have . past participle

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