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Henna is a plant used by old Egyptian women to take care of their skin hair and feet. Today in Europe and America, it is recommended to use henna for woman whom have wrinkles on face through age as well as for hair Dandruff. It clean scalp from microbes and parasites in addition to extra excretion of the head. Henna enhances quality of hair skin through reduction of infections of scalp and excretion of sweat. It also feed and vitality and strength of hair. Doctor recommended the use of Henna to paint women hair as it colored very well with zero side effects as it is the case for other factoring product.

Hands and feet

Henna paste spoils all types of parasites which cause high Allergies between foot fingers and folds of the body. Substances existed in Henna prevent skin from cracks, Rigidity of expansion and vitality.

General benefits

Henna plants characterize of diverse healthy components to the human body. Henna, plant of paradise, has been healing woman affected Amoebic dysentery, dandruff, cancer, headache. Generally speaking, women address such objective using henna Moisturizing and cleaning and disinfection.

Henna tends to be domestic made.  It is very easy to prepare. For woman who have open hair color and need to paint it in order to make dark;

  • Half cup of red Henna
  • Half cup of black Henna
  • Cup of chamomile plant papers melted with hot water.

This significant plant is taken to be used in product of beauty as main component to enhance the quality of such Brands. Finally, I would thank you for reading these tips. I wish I have given helpful insights.

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