Protect your teeth after eating in 6 steps

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Have you ever imagined yourself one day with no teeth in your mouth or having such ugly expressions and laughter while you dare not to smile as your friends do? There is nothing better than a beautiful shiny smile, yet, unfortunately, many of us fails to do so because of lack of care about teeth and not cleaning them properly in the way that guarantees completely absence germs.


Cleaning teeth in wrong way leads to the accumulation of the Plaque and germs that stick to the surface of the teeth of leftovers, which subsequently caused teeth decay and gum disease or what is scientifically known as gingivitis.


It Often associated with gingivitis as stated in the newspaper « daily mail » some health ailments including heart problems, diabetes, kidney and certain types of cancer, where scientists recently found a link between harmful bacteria in the mouth and pancreatic cancer. Believing that these bacteria find an outlet into the body via the bloodstream to reach the pancreas and cause serious damage.


So it had to be a dental hygiene and dental appointments and not being absent on whatever as long as it is to safeguard public health. While the British dental insurance institution confirms that 34% of people skip dates dentists, while accompanying many visiting the dentist because of bleeding gums.


And so the Foundation suggests a system consists of 6 steps to keep clean teeth is as follows:

  1. Place the head of a toothbrush in your teeth, and then tilted to a sharp angle 45 degrees against the gum line, and then move the brush in small circular movements several times on all surfaces of the teeth.


  1. Brushing outer surfaces of each age of up and down, while keeping the bristles brush against the gum line.


  1. Use the same way to the inner surfaces of all your teeth.


  1. Do the brushing of teeth biting parts.


  1. To clean the inner surfaces of the front teeth, tilt the brush vertically and move it in circles with the front of the brush.


  1. be sure to clean the tongue to revive your breath and clean the mouth to get rid of bacteria.


It also recommended for people who do not have the ability to follow those steps, consult your dentist to find a right way suits them to clean teeth.


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