Weight loss, Learn the easiest recipe to get rid of obesity.

The official website HEALTH, specialist, has revealed an effective Home recipes which women, mothers and singles, would like to prepare at home for Weight loss purposes too easily during sleep.


Studies have shown earlier that the body has the ability of burning belly fat during sleep. Watch this articles reveal facts about how people gain Belly fat 6 habits grow your Belly Fat. That is why we recommended having these recipes before you go to your bed room.

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Ingredients: a spoonful of honey, one teaspoon cinnamon, orange juice, a spoonful of green tea and one teaspoon of ground ginger.


NB: These organic elements contain polyphenols compounds that promote the enzyme responsible for dissolving triglyceride accumulated in the body increasing the results of your weight loss program.


Steps of Preparation:

1 _ Place lemon, green tea, ginger in a pot of water on the fire until it boiled.


2 _ Then leave ingredients so cool and drain.


3 _ Then add the lemon juice and honey mixture and stir until smoothly mixed.


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